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RAW iGaming is a distinctive and innovative game development studio established with the mission to create slot games that stand out in the saturated gaming market. RAW iGaming is committed to delivering exceptional quality and innovation in its products. The company operates from multiple locations, including Malaga in Spain, the UK, Buenos Aires, and Malta, and offers a diverse portfolio of games available on leading gaming sites and apps worldwide.

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Why This Page Exists

This page serves to provide comprehensive information about RAW iGaming, highlighting its unique approach to game development, its innovative products, and the reasons behind its establishment. The aim is to inform visitors about the company’s mission, the groundbreaking technologies it employs, and its commitment to delivering top-notch entertainment experiences to players around the globe.

About RAW iGaming

RAW iGaming was founded in March 2021, driven by the vision to break away from the conventional and repetitive patterns seen in the gaming industry. The company is licensed and regulated by the Gambling Commission under account ID number 39305 and holds a recognition notice by the Malta Gaming Authority, number RN/155/2019. RAW iGaming prides itself on developing games that are not only innovative but also easy to understand and highly entertaining.

The company’s key pillars are innovation, simplicity, and entertainment. Striving to create products that make a significant impact in the gaming industry, RAW iGaming ensures that exceptional quality and smart design are standard in all its creations. Believing that simplicity is key to success, RAW iGaming invests in making its products straightforward and user-friendly, ensuring that players can enjoy the games without any learning curve.

As entertainment providers, RAW iGaming focuses on creating games that are engaging, sticky, and full of surprises, aiming to delight players with every spin. RAW iGaming’s innovative mechanics, such as the patent-pending SuperSlice® and SuperTracks®, exemplify the company’s commitment to originality and excellence. These mechanics offer new and exciting ways to play slot games, setting RAW iGaming apart from its competitors.

Highlighting Popular Titles: The Secret of Ali Baba

The Secret of Ali Baba is one of RAW iGaming’s standout titles, released on March 23, 2023. This game immerses players in the classic tale of Ali Baba, featuring dynamic reels that change the number of potentially winning ways with each spin. The game offers impressive wins of up to 9,970x your bet during free spins, making it a highly rewarding experience. Key features of The Secret of Ali Baba include dynamic ways, where the reel heights change dynamically with each spin, creating up to 3,125 ways to win in paid spins and up to 16,807 ways during free spins.
The Secret Of Ali Baba Game
Jazmin Expanded Wilds, which when involved in a win, up to four Jazmin wilds expand to the full height of the reel, increasing the potential winnings. Ali’s Monkey, a random feature that opens all the blinds to create 3,125 ways to win on a paid spin. The Gold or Bandit Bonus allows players to choose clay vases to reveal cash prizes, multipliers, and free spins, but they must watch out for the Thief who can steal the prizes.

Open Sesame Free Spins is played on an expanded 5×7 grid with three different volatility options, featuring a guaranteed full-height wild that moves around the reels between spins. Clusterspin® enhances the gaming experience by allowing players to win extra, up to 1,000x their bet, on top of normal gameplay. Bonus Rush® allows players to jump straight into the bonus round, selecting their desired bet and starting the action immediately.

Our Monthly Updates

RAW iGaming is committed to continuously enhancing its game portfolio by releasing regular updates and new titles. These monthly updates ensure that players always have access to the latest features, improvements, and innovative gaming experiences. The company’s dedication to keeping its offerings fresh and exciting helps maintain player engagement and satisfaction.


RAW iGaming stands out in the gaming industry with its innovative approach to slot game development. By focusing on originality, simplicity, and entertainment, the company delivers exceptional gaming experiences that captivate players. With its unique mechanics like SuperSlice® and SuperTracks®, and regular updates to its game portfolio, RAW iGaming continues to set new standards in the world of online gaming.