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Zula casino Welcome Bonus

Zula Casino offers a no-deposit welcome bonus to U.S. players: 350,000 GC and 20 SC, with additional rewards for daily logins.

Zula Casino's no-deposit welcome bonus is for new U.S. players, excluding ID, MI, GA, WA, with wagering requirements and time limits. Email and phone verification required for full bonus, plus daily login rewards.

Zula Casino offers new users an enticing welcome bonus package that provides ample rewards to kickstart their gaming experience. This package includes up to 350,000 Gold Coins (GC) and 20 Sweeps Coins (SC) through a combination of no-deposit bonuses and an exclusive first-purchase offer.

Upon registration, users can earn up to 100,000 GC and 10 SC by completing simple tasks. These tasks include completing account registration, phone verification, consenting to email and SMS communications, and claiming a daily bonus. Additionally, new players can receive an extra 250,000 GC and 10 SC for just $2.99, available within 24 hours of registration.

Zula Casino boasts an impressive selection of over 700 casino-style games, including slots, jackpots, fish, table games, Plinko, Megaways, crash games, Hold and Win, and tumble games. This extensive game library, combined with the comprehensive welcome bonus, ensures players have a rewarding and entertaining start at Zula Casino. For more details, read our full review of Zula Casino here: Zula Casino Review.

Detailed Description of the Welcome Bonus

Zula Casino Welcome

Zula Casino’s welcome bonus is designed to give new players a generous start to their gaming journey. The total welcome package includes up to 350,000 Gold Coins (GC) and 20 Sweeps Coins (SC), broken down into a no-deposit bonus and an exclusive first-purchase offer.

No-Deposit Bonus

Upon registering at Zula Casino, players can earn up to 100,000 GC and 10 SC without making any purchase. Here’s how it works:

  • Completing the account registration grants players 20,000 GC and 2 SC.
  • Verifying their phone number adds an additional 30,000 GC and 3 SC.
  • Consenting to email communications rewards 20,000 GC and 2 SC.
  • Consenting to SMS communications also provides 20,000 GC and 2 SC.
  • A daily bonus of 10,000 GC and 1 SC is available to new users.

First Purchase Offer

To further enhance the gaming experience, Zula Casino offers new players an exclusive first-purchase bonus. By purchasing a $2.99 package, players receive an additional 250,000 GC and 10 SC. This offer is available within the first 24 hours of registration and is a fantastic way to boost your initial coin balance significantly.

How to Claim the Bonus

  1. Visit Zula Casino’s Website: Go to the official Zula Casino website to start the process.
  2. Create Your Account: Find the “Sign Up” button, usually located at the top right corner of the homepage. Click on it to begin your registration.
  3. Verify Your Email: Check your email inbox for a verification email from Zula Casino. Click on the link provided to confirm your email address.
  4. Verify Your Phone Number: Add your phone number in the account settings or during the sign-up process. You’ll receive a code via SMS. Enter this code on the website to verify your phone.
  5. Claim Your Bonus
  6. Log In Daily
    Remember, you can also claim a daily bonus by simply logging into your account every day.
    NO Bonus code Require

Advantages of the Bonus

  • Kickstart Your Journey: The welcome bonus offers a gateway to numerous games and jackpots.
  • Daily Excitement: Rewards provided each day keep the gaming experience fresh and engaging.
  • Endless Opportunities: Increased chances to explore and win with every login.

Key Terms and Conditions

Zula Casino offers an enticing welcome bonus to its new players, but it’s important to understand that this bonus is not without its conditions. These include wagering requirements, which necessitate players to bet a certain amount before they can withdraw winnings derived from the bonus. Additionally, the bonus is time-sensitive, meaning it must be used within a specific period before it expires. It’s designed this way to encourage fair and responsible gaming. Importantly, the opportunity to participate in Zula Casino’s sweepstakes and claim the welcome bonus is limited to players residing in the United States. However, individuals from Idaho, Michigan, Georgia, and Washington are excluded from this offer. To ensure you meet the criteria for participation, refer to the “Customer Eligibility Requirements” detailed in Section 1.1 of Zula Casino’s terms and conditions.

Tips and Strategies

To make the most out of your welcome bonus at Zula Casino, it’s crucial to adopt some strategic approaches. Here are a few tips:

  • Select the Right Games: Focus on playing games that have a higher contribution towards meeting the wagering requirements. This means some games will help you clear your bonus faster than others, so choosing wisely can lead to quicker access to any winnings.
  • Manage Your Funds: Keep a close eye on how you’re using your bonus funds. Setting limits for each gaming session can prevent quick depletion of your bonus and extend your playtime.
  • Understand the Rules: Thoroughly read through the terms and conditions associated with the bonus.
  • Take Advantage of Daily Bonuses: Zula Casino offers daily rewards, which can further enhance your gaming experience. Logging in daily to claim these bonuses can provide additional resources to use in your gaming sessions.

    By applying these strategies, you not only maximize your bonus but also enhance your overall gaming experience, potentially leading to greater wins and a more enjoyable time at Zula Casino.

Comparison with Other Bonuses

FeatureWelcome BonusDaily BonusWeekly Bonus
Type of BonusNo Deposit RequiredLogin RequiredWeekly Participation Required
Target AudienceNew PlayersAll PlayersAll Players
AdvantagesProvides a strong start without needing to deposit funds.Keeps players engaged with daily incentives.Offers significant rewards for regular play throughout the week.
MomentumHigh initial boost to explore a variety of games.Sustains daily interest and playtime.Encourages consistent play over the week for bigger rewards.
AccessibilityImmediately available upon registration and completing specific actions (e.g., phone verification).Requires daily login for rewards.Requires participation in activities or meeting criteria over a week.


What is the Zula Casino welcome bonus?

The Zula Casino welcome bonus offers new players up to 350,000 Gold Coins (GC) and 20 Sweeps Coins (SC). This includes a no-deposit bonus of up to 100,000 GC and 10 SC, plus an exclusive first-purchase offer of 250,000 GC and 10 SC for just $2.99.

How do I claim the no-deposit bonus at Zula Casino?

To claim the no-deposit bonus, simply complete the registration process. You’ll earn 20,000 GC and 2 SC for registering, 30,000 GC and 3 SC for phone verification, 20,000 GC and 2 SC for consenting to email communications, 20,000 GC and 2 SC for consenting to SMS communications, and 10,000 GC and 1 SC as a daily bonus.

What games can I play at Zula Casino?

Zula Casino offers an extensive library of over 700 games, including slots, jackpots, fish games, table games, Plinko, Megaways, crash games, Hold and Win, and tumble games. This wide variety ensures that every player can find something enjoyable.

How do I access the first-purchase bonus at Zula Casino?

To access the first-purchase bonus, simply make a purchase of the $2.99 package within 24 hours of registering. This will grant you an additional 250,000 GC and 10 SC, significantly boosting your initial coin balance and enhancing your gaming experience.


Zula Casino stands out with its generous welcome bonus, offering new players up to 350,000 Gold Coins (GC) and 20 Sweeps Coins (SC) through no-deposit and first-purchase bonuses. With an extensive library of over 700 games, including slots, jackpots, and various table games, Zula Casino provides an engaging and rewarding experience for every player. Whether you’re just starting or making your first purchase, the bonuses and diverse game selection ensure an exciting gaming journey. For more details, read our full review of Zula Casino here.

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