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Sportzino Casino Sign-up Bonus

Unlock up to GC 1,570,000 and SC 45!

Sign up now for GC 220,000 + SC 10 and get GC 1,350,000 + SC 35 with a $19.99 purchase.

Sportzino Casino's welcome bonus is available to new US players 18+, excluding Idaho and Washington. No bonus codes needed; identity verification and promotional opt-in are required for access.

New users can take advantage of a comprehensive welcome bonus package that offers significant rewards. This package is designed to provide up to GC 1,570,000 and SC 45 through a combination of sign-up bonuses and an exclusive first-purchase offer.

Initially, users can earn GC 220,000 and SC 10 by completing the registration process and a series of simple tasks, such as account verification and linking social media accounts.

Additionally, by making a first purchase of $19.99, users can receive an extra GC 1,350,000 and SC 35. To fully benefit from this package, users must follow specific instructions and complete all required steps. You can check out the full review of Sportzino here: Sportzino Review

Detailed Description of the Bonus

The welcome bonus package is designed to reward new users comprehensively, combining a sign-up bonus with an exclusive first purchase offer. This package aims to give users a substantial boost right from the start. Here’s a detailed breakdown to help you understand how to maximize these rewards:

Sign-Up Bonuses

  1. Basic Sign-Up Bonus: Upon registration and accepting the daily login bonus, users receive GC 170,000 and SC 7.
  2. Complete Registration: By completing the account registration process, users earn an additional GC 20,000 and SC 1.
  3. Connect with Facebook: Linking your account to Facebook adds another GC 20,000 and SC 1 to your bonus.
  4. Verify Your Phone Number: Phone number verification grants an extra GC 30,000 and SC 1.
  5. Consent to Email Notifications: Agreeing to receive email notifications provides GC 30,000 and SC 1.
  6. Consent to SMS Notifications: Opting in for SMS notifications also adds GC 30,000 and SC 1.
  7. Connect with Google: Linking your account with Google yields GC 20,000 and SC 1.
  8. Daily Login Bonus: Claiming the first daily login bonus gives you GC 20,000 and SC 1.
  9. Special bonus for our users: Click our link to receive 50,000 Gold Coins and 3 Sweeps Coins. This bonus is exclusive to our link, giving you extra coins to elevate your gaming experience.

By completing all these steps, users can accumulate a total sign-up bonus of GC 220,000 and SC 10.

First Purchase Offer

To maximize your bonus, Sportzino offers an exclusive first-purchase deal. For a purchase of $19.99, you will receive GC 1,350,000 and SC 35. When you add this to your sign-up bonuses, your total welcome offer can reach up to GC 1,570,000 and SC 45.

Total Bonus Calculation

Combining the sign-up bonus with the first purchase offer results in a total welcome package of:

  • Sign-Up Bonuses: GC 220,000 + SC 10
  • First Purchase Offer: GC 1,350,000 + SC 35

Adding these together, you get:

  • Total Welcome Offer: GC 1,570,000 + SC 45

This structure ensures that by following the necessary steps and making the specified purchase, you can fully benefit from the maximum welcome offer.

Alternative First Purchase Offer

If you prefer a smaller initial purchase, there’s an alternative offer where you can buy GC 100,000 for $0.99 and receive an additional FREE SC 5. While this doesn’t contribute to the full welcome package, it’s a flexible option for new users.

All these steps are designed to be straightforward and cost-free, ensuring your gaming reservoir is continually replenished with valuable coins. From the moment you log in and collect your initial bonuses, additional rewards are just a few simple actions away. Don’t miss out on daily bonuses either, as each day offers a new opportunity for significant gains.

Advantages of the Bonus

The Welcome Bonus at Sportzino offers new players a fantastic opportunity to explore the platform’s wide range of games without using real money, making their initial experience risk-free and more enjoyable. This bonus enables players to familiarize themselves with Sportzino’s offerings, encouraging them to dive deeper into the gaming community. Additionally, Sportzino utilizes two types of in-game currency: Gold Coins, which are used for playing games without monetary transactions, and Sweeps Coins, which are promotional and can be redeemed for cash prizes after being used in-game at least once. The key difference between Gold Coins and Sweeps Coins lies in their purpose and value: Gold Coins are for entertainment only, while Sweeps Coins offer the potential for real-world rewards, enhancing the gaming experience with the thrill of possible cash prizes.

Key Terms and Conditions

The Sportzino Casino Welcome Bonus introduces players to a dynamic gaming environment through two virtual currencies: Gold Coins (GC) for engaging in social gaming and Sweeps Coins (SC) for entering sweepstakes with potential real prizes. Activation of this bonus necessitates email verification and consent to receive promotional communications from Sportzino, alongside adherence to a minimum age requirement for US residents. These prerequisites unlock the complete benefits of the bonus, significantly enriching the Sportzino Casino experience by motivating exploration of numerous sports betting options and fostering a risk-free way to enjoy casino gaming.

Tips and Strategies

  • Explore Various Games: Dive into the wide range of games available on Sportzino to find your favorites and discover where you have the best chance of winning.
  • Spread Your Bets: Instead of putting all your Sweeps Coins on a single game or bet, distribute them across different options to increase your overall chances of winning.
  • Stay Updated on Promotions: Regularly check Sportzino’s promotions to take advantage of daily bonuses and special offers, which can provide additional Gold Coins and Sweeps Coins.
  • Use Sweeps Coins Wisely: Since Sweeps Coins offer a chance at real prizes, strategize your use of them in games with higher winning potential.
  • Participate in Sweepstakes: Engage in sweepstakes games that utilize Sweeps Coins for entry, as these can lead to rewarding wins.
  • Manage Your Bankroll: Keep track of your Gold and Sweeps Coins balance to ensure you have enough to play your preferred games without running out prematurely.

These strategies are designed to help you make the most of your welcome bonus and enhance your gaming experience at Sportzino Casino.

Comparison with Other Bonuses

FeatureSportzino CasinoOther Online Casinos
Type of BonusMix of Gold Coins (GC) and Sweeps Coins (SC)Bonuses tied to deposits
PurposeCatering to both social gaming and sweepstakesPrimarily for wagering in traditional casino games
Monetary ValueGC have no monetary value; SC can win real prizesUsually have monetary value or match deposits
UsageGC for social games, SC for sweepstakes entriesUsed for playing a variety of casino games
EligibilityAvailable upon signup, email verification, and opting into communicationsOften require a minimum deposit
ExperienceOffers a versatile gaming experience combining social interaction and the excitement of sweepstakesFocused on traditional casino games with potential for real money winnings

This table highlights the distinct features of Sportzino’s bonuses compared to the bonuses typically offered by other online casinos, emphasizing its unique approach to blending social gaming with the chance to win real prizes.


Is the welcome bonus available to all players?

Yes, all registered players in eligible jurisdictions can claim the daily bonus.

Can the Sweep Coins be redeemed for real prizes?

Yes, Sweep Coins can be used to enter contests with the chance to win more and are redeemable under specific conditions detailed on the platform.

Are there any requirements to claim the Welcome Bonus?

Yes, to claim the Welcome Bonus, you must verify your email and opt into receiving promotional communications from Sportzino.


In summary, to get the full welcome offer of up to GC 1,570,000 and SC 45, complete all the registration steps, claim the daily login bonus, and utilize the exclusive first purchase offer of $19.99. This comprehensive package is structured to maximize your rewards and enhance your gaming experience from the very beginning.

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