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Funrize Referral Bonus

Unlock endless gaming joy with Funrize's Referral Bonus! Invite your friends and revel in the thrill as you both earn 900,000 Coins and 2,500 Promotional Entries, propelling your adventure to new heights without spending a dime.  

Eligible players 18+ outside of WA, ID, WY, and MI can earn in-game rewards by referring friends, with no real-world value for Coins and Entries.

Funrize Casino brings an exciting and vibrant online gaming world to life, featuring a wide selection of games that appeal to everyone—from the thrill-seekers playing slots to the thinkers strategizing at table games. It’s a place where friends can make your gaming experience even more rewarding. By inviting friends to join, the Funrize referral bonus program not only strengthens the casino’s engaging community but also rewards both you and your friends, enhancing your time spent in this immersive gaming environment. This approach underscores Funrize Casino’s dedication to providing a fun-filled experience that goes beyond just games, creating a space where entertainment, friendship, and big wins come together seamlessly.

Detailed Description of the Bonus

When you bring a friend into the excitement of Funrize Casino, it unlocks a treasure trove of benefits for both of you.

The process is simple: by referring someone to the casino, you stand to gain a substantial bounty. Specifically, you could amass up to 900,000 Tournament Coins and an additional 2,500 Promotional Entries. These rewards are more than just numbers; they significantly elevate your gaming journey, opening the door to a wider range of games and providing more chances to emerge victorious.

Benefits for Your Referred Friend

As a new member of the Funrize community, your friend will be greeted with a generous welcome gift of 125,000 Free Coins. This substantial amount allows them to start exploring the casino’s offerings without the immediate need to make a purchase. It’s an inviting way for them to test the waters and discover their favorite games.

This referral bonus structure is thoughtfully designed to benefit both the existing player and the newcomer. As a referrer, you get rewarded handsomely for bringing more friends into the fold, which in turn, enriches your playtime with extra coins and promotional entries. On the other hand, your friend enjoys a warm welcome into the world of Funrize Casino, equipped with enough free coins to jumpstart their adventure. This system fosters a vibrant community of gamers who share the joy of gaming and benefit from each other’s participation.

How to Claim the Bonus

To snag the referral bonus at Funrize Casino, just follow these super simple steps:

  1. Sign In: Kick things off by logging into your Funrize Casino account.
  2. Grab Your Sharing Tools: Head over to the ‘promotions’ section. There, you’ll find a bunch of cool stuff: your unique referral link, a handy QR code, and a special promo code.
  3. Tell Your Friends: You’ve got options on how to share the fun:
    • QR Code: Got friends nearby? Show them the QR code to scan.
    • Promo Code: Send this code to your buddies. They can use it when they sign up to join Funrize.
    • Referral Link: This link is super easy to share and includes the promo code too.
  4. Share Everywhere: Whether it’s directly messaging your friends or shouting out on social media like Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok, just share your referral link, promo code, or QR code to get them on board.
  5. Make It Official: Your friend needs to make a purchase on Funrize after signing up with your link or code for you to both enjoy the bonus.

Advantages of the Bonus

  • More Coins: This increases your in-game currency for extended playtime.
  • Extra Promotional Entries: Boosts your chances in contests and races.
  • No Additional Purchases Required: Enjoy more games without spending real money.

Key Terms and Conditions

To enjoy Funrize’s referral bonus and other promotions, you must be at least 18 years old and not reside in the excluded states of Washington, Idaho, Wyoming, or Michigan. While Coins and Promotional Entries can enhance your gaming experience by allowing more playtime, they hold no real-world value and can’t be exchanged for cash or prizes. It’s also important to note that you’re eligible for prizes only if you meet these age and location requirements, regardless of your participation level or achievements in the games.

Tips and Strategies

  • Boost Your Rewards by Inviting More Friends: The more friends you invite, the greater the rewards you’ll enjoy. It’s as simple as that.
  • Plan Your Play Sessions Wisely: Set a clear limit on how much you intend to spend each time you play. It helps in managing your funds effectively.
  • Keep Track of Your Bonuses: Always be aware of how much bonus you have left. Monitoring it will help you make the most out of it.
  • Tweak Your Strategy for Better Results: Don’t stick to one plan if it’s not working. Adjust your approach based on the outcomes and find what brings you the best results.

Comparison with Other Bonuses

FeatureReferral Bonus (Funrize Casino)Other Typical Bonuses
RewardsSignificant rewards for both the referrer and the referred friend, including tournament coins and free coins.May include free spins, bonus cash, or match deposits, often tied to specific conditions.
Wagering RequirementsNone. Enjoy the rewards without the need to wager a specific amount.Often require wagering the bonus amount several times before winnings can be withdrawn.
Gameplay RestrictionsNo restrictions. Use rewards on a wide array of games.Bonuses may be restricted to specific games or types of games.
ExpirationGenerally offers a generous timeframe or none mentioned.Bonuses often have a strict expiration date by which they must be used.
Ease of AccessSimple to claim by sharing a referral link or code.May require entering bonus codes, making a minimum deposit, or following other specific steps.
FlexibilityRewards can be used freely across various games and tournaments.May come with conditions like using bonuses on certain games or within a limited time.


Who can participate in the referral program?

All existing Funrize players are eligible to participate.

Can I withdraw my winnings?

While you can’t withdraw Coins or Promotional Entries as cash, they allow you to play more games and potentially win prizes within the platform.


The Funrize Casino referral bonus is an ingeniously crafted program designed to amplify the online gaming experience by rewarding both the referrer and the referred friends with substantial benefits. This initiative not only bolsters the gaming community but also significantly enhances playtime without necessitating additional purchases. By following simple steps to share the fun with friends, players unlock a treasure trove of rewards, including Tournament Coins and Promotional Entries for themselves, and a generous welcome gift of Free Coins for the newcomers. This approach fosters a vibrant and engaging community, where the joy of gaming and the benefits of participation are shared among friends. Importantly, the program is structured to ensure ease of access and flexibility, setting it apart from typical bonuses with its lack of wagering requirements and game restrictions, thereby enriching the overall gaming experience at Funrize Casino.

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